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PlayLands are a full solution which as well as the main structure can include safety flooring, gadgets, signage and balustrades. With PlayLands all you need is floor space and we design, manufacture and install the rest.

When you look at the library design brochure, you will notice PlayLands are manufactured in two different heights;

  • The elevated version incorporates slides and climbs into even the most compact of spaces.
  • The low level version where, at 1.2 metres high, all the play equipment is well below eye-level. These low level play mazes can be used anywhere and are ideal where sight line are an issue.

Both elevated and low level PlayLands can be designed to not require bolting to the floor, meaning they are ideal for clients who don’t want to damage facilities and/or need to relocate the playground from time to time.

PlayLands Brochure

Please find below some of the unique PlayLand playground features and benefits and why Playtec have designed them to be ideal solutions for Shopping Centres and Homemaker centres.

  • Playtec understands the opportunity cost of using casual leasing mall space for a playground, so PlayLands are designed to be compact, taking up very little floor space but still provides good play capacity.
  • Adjoining retailers will always be sensitive to anything that interrupts the public’s sightlines to their business, which is why PlayLands deliberately avoid the use of solid events such as plastic tubes and panels at eye level. Playtec also have a range of ‘low level’ PlayLands that are below eye level in height.
  • PlayLands provide a high level of security, with only one entry/exit and no hidden areas that can’t be supervised, such as plastic tubes. Parents have complete confidence that children can be seen at all times.
  • The installation of PlayLands can be done in several hours after close of trade, meaning no hoardings or disruption to the centres trade.
  • PlayLands will not damage the centres facilities. PlayLands are installed without bolts or gluing to the floor, meaning no damage to terrazzo floors or ‘make good’ should the playground be moved.
  • PlayLands are modular, meaning they can be relocated quickly for little cost and without damaging the playground.
  • PlayLands have exceptionally high levels of safety. Children are prevented from falling and cushioned from impact; answering even the most concerned questions regarding liability and litigation from your insurers.