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Mobile Play

Mobile Module Play Centre

This concept involves special modular play equipment that is transported inside a custom trailer that is unloaded and assembled for hire. The modularity of this concept offers more hire option. It can be used outdoors but a particular advantage of this concept is that operators can set up inside the client’s premises and so take advantage of many commercial opportunities for example in shopping centres, clubs, etc.

Furthermore, the modules are designed to get through standard door widths and therefore operators have access to client’s backyards, in their garage or under a carport etc. However, this Module Play option requires more physical effort to set up than an MPC and so is not suitable to everyone unless there are two operators.

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Mobile Play Centre

This mobile play centre is built permanently onto a custom trailer and is designed for primarily outdoor use. The side awnings lift up on the sides and it is ready for use in minutes. This Mobile Play centre is our largest option and apart from relatively quick and easy setup, it has a large play capacity and therefore throughput of children. However its size limits it use to only venues where a trailer can be towed onto the site.

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