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Mall Spaces

Mall space is a very dynamic area for shopping centres. The ability to take advantage of such spaces for either an opportunistic pop-up tenant or special event is critical to the centre’s performance. Of course any opportunity to use this mall space must take into consideration exclusion zones, sight lines, etc.

While playgrounds are essential for enhancing the experience of families with young children, a play solution must inherently have the flexibility to cater for the demands on any mall space. For that reason, Playtec have developed our module play system that:

  • does not require bolting to the floor and therefore can be moved quickly hence allowing for the centre to take advantage of any opportunity for any space
  • can be low level to avoid issues with surrounding tenants about sight lines.

With mall spaces particularly in mind, we enhanced our module play system to be part of a complete solution which includes, amongst other things, balustrades and flooring. We call these complete solutions PlayLands and you can find out more about them, our Compact Module Play and our Play Pods by clicking the panels below. Alternatively, you can download brochures for these by providing your details below these panels or contact us to discuss the right solution for you.

Mall Space Brochures