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Large Module Play

If clients have the space and they want to engage older children, then Large Module Play is a good solution. Like our Compact Module Play playgrounds, this product allows children an opportunity to climb, slide, squeeze etc. in a self-directed play environment that is completely contained, that is, children can’t fall out but they can still be easily supervised by parents and staff alike. Catering to children up to ten years of age, Large Module Play can be installed quickly and much less expensively than any other soft play playground of the same size making it a flexible and affordable solution.


There are some very large design examples in the Large Module Play brochure that step up to up to three play levels or 4.5 metres in height. However, for customers that have limited space and we also have smaller examples.

To download the Large Module Play brochure, please provide your details below or contact us to discuss how Large Module Play can cater for your need to entertain older children.

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Large Module Play Brochure