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Kinder Kingdom

Kinder Kingdom – 100% Soft Play, Upholstered Foam Pieces

Our Kinder Kingdom Soft Shapes range are manufactured from foam, so they are light and ultra-portable play pieces. They are upholstered in a durable PVC fabric and where required, assembled with Velcro joiners. Primarily used for infants and toddlers there is a large range of options manufactured by Playtec in Australia.

Kinder Kingdom Soft Play pieces can incorporate many elements from brightly decorated geometric pieces, wall and floor padding, climbs and slides and all pieces assemble together with the use of Velcro; so there is no screwing or bolting required meaning they are light and simple to assemble.

To download the Kinder Kingdom brochure, please provide your details below or contact us to discuss how Kinder Kingdom can play a role in your business.

Kinder Kingdom Brochure

Kinder Kingdom Safety Compliance & Maintenance

Kinder Kingdom products are made by Playtec in Australia and whilst the durability of materials is important, even more important is that you have certainty that the materials used in the construction comply with Building Code of Australia (BCA) Fire Hazard properties, in this case for play equipment in Class 2 – 9 buildings. Playtec have independent, Australian test data that can verify compliance of our materials and not foreign test reports coming from countries with perhaps dubious reputations.

Kinder Kingdom soft play maintenance & quality

Playtec use commercial grade tarpaulin grade PVC fabric; this is the same grade used on the side of Taut-liner trucks . It is rigid and pretty much the most durable fabric that can be used to manufacture Kinder Kingdom soft play. Furthermore the thread we use to sew the PVC is a UV resistant a ‘bonded nylon thread’ that is several times stronger than cotton. All these features ensure a longer asset life and therefore better value for money, particularly when comparing to similar looking Chinese made soft play. Imported soft play is often not compliant to Building Code fire standards and is upholstered using a ‘furniture grade’ fabric, which is soft and pliable and offers poor durability outcomes when used in a commercial play environment.