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Classic Play


Classic style playgrounds use the “traditional” method of construction which effectively uses scaffolding as it provides flexible engineering capabilities through the use of slip on fittings. Playtec Classic is the biggest soft contained play structure range we offer, it can be tailored to suit any building shape; even difficult sites with many columns and different levels. We particularly recommend Classic today for clients wanting a very tall soft play structure of up to five play levels or between 6 metres to 9 metres high.

The engineering behind Classic structures is challenging and labour intensive, meaning the installation costs are higher for a typical play structure like the ones illustrated in the brochure, because they can take 3-4 weeks to install. Nevertheless, there is no substitute for Classic if your building has lots of closely spaced columns, ceiling trusses to negotiate, uneven floor levels and difficult access; Classic will ensure our installers are able to work around these features safely and efficiently.

To download the Classic Play brochure, please provide your details below or contact us to discuss how Classic Play can cater for your needs to entertain older children.

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Classic Play Brochure