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Baby Play

Baby Play Areas are specifically manufactured for non-walking children, who are often neglected in play centres. Usually the only option parents have, if they want to take them out of their pram, is to go and play with them in the toddler area. Baby Play Areas are designed to be located in the café near the parents seating. They offer parents a space where these children can play and parents can, guilt free, still socialise and consume food and beverage at the table; this is a win for the business and the parent.

Baby Play areas are unique because the play activities are thoughtfully located at ground level, incorporated into the side walls where they are accessible to babies or crawling children. The perimeter walls are strong, because they are manufactured in a timber core to accept the weight of adults who may choose to sit around the sides. They have tactile play devices such as zippers, lace string, Velcro grips etc. and babies love to pull themselves up and play with these. The safety flooring is entirely padded in impact absorbing foam enveloped in durable PVC upholstery that is easy to clean and sterilise. Colours are optional and installation is very simple.

To download the Baby Play Area brochure, please provide your details below or contact us to discuss how Baby Play Areas can work to entertain the infants that parents may bring when their older children visit your centre.

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Baby Play Brochure