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About Us

Company Background

Playtec is an Australian owned company located in Sydney that designs, manufactures, installs and maintains quality, soft and contained play structures for commercial environments. Established in 1993, Playtec was established to supply a ‘niche’ in the Australian market that demanded a quality and safe product.

Playtec Mission

“Family Fun For Everyone”

We believe in providing safe and happy experiences for children, their parents/carers and businesses that serve families with children.

Playtec Values – RISE!


Caring for all, be it the safety of children using our playgrounds, the concerns of parents and carers or the business objectives of our clients.


Progressing creatively to stay at the forefront of producing an experience for children that is fun and safe and better achieves our clients’ objectives.


Accepting responsibility for the well being of children using our playgrounds by balancing fun with considered risk management.


Achieving the best by using quality materials and top workmanship to produce a fun yet safe playground that is a durable asset for its owner.


Playtec ensures safety compliance and quality assurance in three primary ways:

  1. the Directors have a ‘hands on’, day to day involvement in all facets of the business to ensure expectations regarding quality and safety are met;
  2. Playtec has complete control over critical functions by maintaining in-house design, manufacturing and installation functions. These core activities are not outsourced to contractors; and
  3. Playtec uses raw materials that have been tested to be fit for purpose. Where this information is not readily available, Playtec commissions tests. For example, Playtec has externally tested important materials to comply with Building Code of Australia Fire Hazard properties, in this case for play equipment in Class 2 – 9 buildings.


Playtec takes your privacy seriously and when we request information about you we encourage you to read our privacy policy.