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Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre, Rhodes, NSW

In early 2016, Rhodes approached a number of parties to submit proposals for a major play space that:

  • Enhanced the experience of customers
  • Created a point of difference for the centre
  • Incorporated innovation and technology
  • Embraced the lifestyle of their customers

The location was approximately 60m2 and located around one of the centre’s inclinators with significant ceiling height.

Our approach to design was to not see the inclinator as an obstacle but as an opportunity. Hence we utilised one of our existing structures, the Silo, doubled its height (to 6 metres) and placed one either side of the inclinator. A plastic tube with windows then connected the Silos making a bridge over the inclinator. This gave the structure substantial visual appeal not just for the children but also for on-looking adults.

We worked closely with the centre’s nominated interior designer to style the playground with particular colours and subtle theming.

Given the play events in the Silo towers catered for children aged 4-8, we incorporated a bespoke designed small play pod, a below sight lines structure which caters for children aged 1-4. This separated the larger children from the smaller children and therefore mitigated risk of injury.

Our experience in designing and manufacturing safe playgrounds meant that the features we incorporate into every playground were naturally included into the design at Rhodes.

Given our in-house skill sets, we were able to design, manufacture and install the playground entirely by ourselves (with the exception of some design advice). We strongly believe in keeping the capability required within the control of the company and minimise our reliance on contractors.

After receiving the order in January 2017, we immediately commenced detailed design, ordered the long lead items that we did not stock and hence were able to have the playground installed within 4 months in May 2017.