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In line with Playtec being a genuine Australian Manufacturer, we have the capability to fabricate any part required for playgrounds we have produced and perhaps those produced by others. Please note that we are currently constructing our online store and soon you will be able to order online the parts listed below (in the meantime please contact us to order):

  • Tuff Pad pipe foam
  • Gadget panels
  • Inline and cable ties
  • Ball pool balls
  • Anti-climb netting
  • Tarpaulin grade PVC Fabric
  • Head protectors
  • Fibreglass rod
  • Webbing events

For parts requiring fabrication, such as:

  • Upholstered padded decks
  • Upholstered events
  • Safety, Impact Absorbing Floor Cushions
  • Plastic spheres and slides
  • Theming

Please contact us to find our more information about our various parts.

Fire Safety Standards & Compliance to Australian Building Codes

Whilst the durability of parts and their cost is important,  you must have certainty that the materials used to manufacture parts have the fire hazard properties required under the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Playtec has invested significantly in obtaining independent, Australian test data that verifies compliance of our materials under the BCA.