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Kidea Play Furniture


Kidea Play Furniture is designed to take up minimal floor space but offer a unique design solution incorporating anti-theft play pieces and several safety features. Manufactured from melamine coated timber, except for the edges which are MDF, they offer an economical and compact solution that can fit into almost any space. Kidea Play Furniture has rounded MDF timber edges for safety that includes anti-skid pads to help reduce movement and noise on hard surfaces. They are not secured to the floor, so they can be moved around, unless provision is made for special foot pads. To contain the cost of freight, Kidea Play Tables are supplied in a flat pack / ready to assemble kit form for clients to assemble themselves. Assembly is straight forward following the supplied instructions. Alternatively, for a small extra charge, Playtec can organise assembly prior to dispatch.

There are several options of Play Furniture available, described as either Kidea Play Tables or Kidea Totem Poles.

Kidea Play Tables

Depending on the model, 1 – 4 children can sit astride a Play Table and either play solo or interact socially with the built in games. The seats are attached to the tables for better stability and safety and some have theming that adds to the sensory appeal. Duo Colours has provision for loose toys or conventional drawing materials but other Kidea tables have built in play devices with an Anti-theft system which means the play devices cannot be easily removed. The Play Tables are designed to have a minimal impact on floor space. The designs and their dimensions can be seen in the Playtec Kidea Play Furniture Range brochure.

Kidea Play Totem Pole

Totems are vertical play panels designed to offer a simple, inexpensive free standing play area that takes up minimal space and low enough to be easily supervised and not pose any sight line issues. Totems have anti-theft games built in on both sides; a themed game for the younger infants and a mind game/puzzle for the older toddler. Available with optional header board that can be branded with customers name etc., Totems offer an entertainment centre where space is at a premium. The Kidea Totem Pole designs can be seen in the Playtec Kidea Play Furniture Range brochure.

Kidea Play Furniture Brochure