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Harbourside’s darling caterpillar

23 May 2018

Playtec is proud to announce the installation of the new caterpillar playground in Mirvac’s Harbourside Shopping Centre (Harbourside).

In 2017, Harbouside approached Playtec to design a major play space that:

  • Enticed more visitors to the centre
  • Gave visitors more of a reason to explore the centre’s upper level
  • Created a point of difference for the centre
  • Incorporated innovation and technology

The space was long, bound at both end by voids and had relatively low ceilings. Knowing that the area needed some “wow” factor we looked to theming the play structures in a way that would not only stimulate children within the play space, but also get the attention of those on the level below. We also know that we needed to define the areas to cater for particular age groups so as to avoid the risk issue of larger children playing with smaller children.

So working with our theming partners, KidsTheme and Gorilla Constructions, we designed the Caterpillar. Spanning over a 40m stretch of level 2 in Harbourside, the caterpillar playground is made up of three sections:

  • the HEAD, at 2.3m wide it jumps out from our large module play structure which hosts children aged from 4 to 8;
  • the BODY, spanning from floor to ceiling, this mid-section is a hive of technology with 4 edutainment touchscreens and an interactive projection onto the floor in the middle; and
  • the TAIL, reaching out into the void above the food court it braces our compact module play which caters for children 1-4.

When integrating the theming with our playground elements, we were able to enhance the overall appeal of the playground experience by combining our skill and experience in designing and manufacturing safe playgrounds with the technical and artistic skill and experience of KidsTheme and Gorilla Constructions. The result was an indoor playground which seamlessly provided a great play experience within a wonderfully visual setting.

After receiving the order in January 2018, we immediately commenced detailed design, ordered the long lead items that we did not stock and hence were able to have the playground installed within 4 months in May 2018.