Offering customers an environment with a sight, sound and feeling “experience” produces the effect all our customers want their patrons to have - The Wow Effect. One of the strongest motivations for theming is to look new and unique, to stand apart from the rest. A well implemented theme provides a competitive advantage; something to leverage in your marketing activities. Good theming is effective, sustainable and profitable over the life of your play structure.

Painted theming

Painted theming is either painted or air brushed onto clear, removable PVC screens, using specially developed non flaking paint. Typically, it is installed around the perimeter of the play structure with hidden fixings, so it not only looks great but has the added benefit of being simple to remove, when ever you want to change the look of the play equipment.


Sculpted expanded foam

Sculpted foam provides the most realistic three dimensional theming possible whilst still maintaining a soft, kid friendly environment. It has a soft rubber coating which provides protection from the normal wear and tear of children and the base for painting.

Structural theming

This style of theming is most successful when combined with either of the above types of theming. For example, it can include tree trunks and leaves in a jungle or forest theme, or bamboo and face masks in a Congo theme, life buoys in a nautical theme, or space decks in a space theme to name a few.

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Fantasy Castle



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