Whether you are an existing customer or just doing some research, the following services will most likely be of interest.

    For example, if you are considering developing a family entertainment centre, you will want to quantify the market potential for the business in your selected location; a Playtec Financial Analysis could assist you here.

    If, on the other hand, you are a family entertainment centre operator, you will find our list of the most common parts and accessories helpful.

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Financial Analysis.. A financial plan is the cornerstone of your business plan. If your accountant has little or no experience with the cost & revenue peculiarities of setting up a family entertainment centre, then Playtec can help. Please note, this service is limited to Australia and certain other countries at this time.

Standard Parts & Accessories.. Playtec offers a wide variety of spare parts that will revitalize your play equipment. This catalogue represents the most common Playtec spare parts such as ballpool balls, fittings, pipe foam, in-line ties etc..

Design, Refurbishment & Installation.. You may be intending to purchase a second hand Playtec play structure or perhaps you want to relocate or refurbish your current structure. Playtec will ensure it is done correctly, and that it conforms to all necessary safety standards.

Furniture.. Playtecís manufacturers a simple, economical range of party and cafe furniture ideal for family entertainment centres.

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