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Attract customers to your business by making it more convenient for them to
browse, shop or eat. Indoors or Outdoors, Playtec has a solution.

General Retail

Parents freed up from the distractions of their children take the time to browse your merchandise and will pay more attention to sales staff. Offering a safe play environment for their young children will help attract families, improve sales revenue and enhance customer loyalty.

Gadget Panels

See our range of Gadget Panels, interactive activity panels designed to entertain infants and toddlers.



Garden Centre

Automotive Superstore

Retail Shop

Shopping centres

Ideal for food courts, retail play systems make it easier for families to take the time to eat and shop longer.

Shopping Centre

International Airport

Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre

Quick service restaurants, Clubs & hotels
Retail play systems are popular with children. By targeting children you will attract families and this will increase traffic flow in your business.




RSL club

Leagues Club

Fitness Centres and health clubs

Fitness Centre

Fitness Centre 

Show me some outdoor play solutions!

Click here for theming ideas!

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