Playtec designs soft indoor play environments where freedom of movement encourages exploration and the release of natural creativity powered by the child's imagination.

Children play in many different ways and Playtec’s thoughtful designs always ensure that children of all ages and levels of development are catered for.

Our indoor playground equipment is of high quality and good design.

Spectacular Astro Slide
There are few events that enhance the impact of your play centre like a Playtec Astro Slide.

When incorporated within the main soft play structure your Astro Slide will provide a spectacular event that works in well with the flow of other events in your design.

Playtec indoor play structures make an excellent centrepiece for indoor play centres where children race around, jumping and bouncing on every conceivable piece of play equipment until you would become totally exhausted just observing them! Soft contained play structures feature a maze of padded play events, weaving amongst brightly coloured plastic tubes to provide a safe and stimulating experience.


Indoor Play Options


The first step to a successful indoor play centre is deciding on the right play equipment for your needs. A brief summary of two potential indoor play structure solutions is below. Both are high quality Soft Contained Play structure systems and there is no difference in quality and performance; they differ only in the method of assembly. Choose the one that suits your needs the closest and follow the link for further information.

Option 1…’Classic Play’

At Playtec we are about tailoring solutions and for design flexibility you can’t beat our Classic custom designed play structures. Playtec Classic is capable of being tailored to any age group, theme, building shape — virtually any customer requirement!

Classic is ideal for customers seeking any combination of the following unique benefits:

  • A very tall play structure capable of up to five play levels. As such Classic enables maximum play capacity in the smallest possible floor area.

  • A play structure that can be tailored to suit awkward building shapes or sites with many columns, uneven floors and difficult ceiling lines.

  • Play equipment that is compact enough to access awkward sites that may have limited street level access such as single door widths, elevators or stairs.

  • The use of high quantities of plastic tubes, spheres etc.

  • Play equipment and events potentially tailored to suit children up to 14 years of age.

Click here for a range of Playtec Classic indoor play designs.

Option 2…’Module Play’

If street access to the site is very good and your expectations are for a play structure of between two to three play levels then you should consider Module Play. There are two ranges of Module Play; a compact range designed for children up to five years old and a large range designed for children up to ten.

Customers successfully using Compact or Large Module Play are particularly seeking the following benefits:

  • A compact play structure that offers more play variety in smaller sites. For example shopping centres, small warehouses or within existing retail spaces with low ceiling heights are ideal for Module Play.

  • Play equipment particularly tailored for younger children for example compact Module Play.

  • Quick installation time. Small Module Play installations can take less than a day the larger installations are up to 80% quicker than conventional soft play structures!

  • Play structures that can be expanded with less disruption and cost to the business. The labour cost alone is approximately 10% of that associated with conventional structures!

Click here to learn more about Playtec Modular indoor play structures.

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