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Module Play is a high quality soft contained play structure just like those used in many indoor play centres using our traditional Classic Play structures. For example like Classic, all play surfaces and posts are padded to safely absorb children’s tumbles, whilst safety netting on the roof and sides prevents injury resulting from children falling out of the play equipment.

Whilst children will not notice the difference between Module Play and Classic play structures, Module play does differ in three important ways to our Classic structures;

  • Module Play is a little smaller in size meaning we can design up to 44% more play variety into less space (e.g. this is a particular advantage in smaller sites).

  • The Module Play structure is assembled in our factory and not on site, meaning there is a significant saving on installation time and cost to our clients – up to 80% saving!

  • Finally, because Module Play is assembled in the factory it is limited to a maximum of three play levels so if you want more play levels, our Classic range is a better solution.

We have two standard sizes of Module Play a compact range designed for children up to five years of age and a large range designed for children up to ten years of age. Please note these age ranges are comfort limits and not engineering limits; our soft play structures are engineered very conservatively to safely exceed the likely age of children playing on them.

Compact Module Play
Compact Module Play is the world’s most affordable mini soft contained play structure solution for children of up to pre-school age. Restricted to a maximum of two play levels, compact Module Play can be self installed by clients and is easily relocated or added to as your needs change. Just some applications include toddler areas in play centres, crèches in fitness centres, kids clubs in hotels/resorts and child friendly retailers looking to set up an entertaining diversion for children whilst their parents shop.

Choose from one of our the pre-designed compact Module Play solutions below or ask Playtec to design to your special needs; no other soft contained play equipment offers the same level of portability, safety and compactness.

Large Module Play
If your ambition is to set up an indoor play centre appealing to children up to 10 years of age, particularly in a smaller than average site then large Module Play may be a solution. Like our Classic structures, add some traditional soft play shapes, ball pool and perhaps a bouncy castle to create a play centre full of variety they will want to keep coming back to!

Following is a selection of pre-designed Module play soft play structures. Compact Module Play is two metres high (6’ 6 “) and large Module Play is varies between three to four and half metres in height (9’ 9” to 15’). Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge.

Note: play capacity is the comfort maximum.

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
3mod 2.0m 3.0m 3.18m 7
6' 6" 9'9" 10'5"

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
3mod 2.0m 2.2m 3.7m 7
6' 6" 7'3" 12'2"

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
4mod 2.0m 2.42m 4.5m 9
6' 6" 7'11" 14'8"

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
5mod 2.0m 4.52m 3.64m 13
6' 6" 14'9" 11'11"

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
6mod 2.0m 3.86m 4.46m 15
6' 6" 12'7" 14'7"

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
8mod 2.0m 5.26m 4.68m 18
6' 6" 17'3" 15'4"

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
2.0m 6.6m 3.7m 22
6' 6" 21'8" 12'2"

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
3.0m 9.8m 5.0m 30
8' 9" 32' 2" 16' 5"

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
4.8m 11.6m 8.0m 90
15' 9" 38'1" 26'4"

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
4.6m 13m 6.8m 110
15' 1" 42'8" 22'4"

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
4.8m 7.4m 6.8m 68
15' 9" 24'4" 22'4"

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
4.4m 12m 8.7m 120 
14'5" 39'5" 28'7"

Code Height Width Depth Capacity
4.5m 7.6m 7.5m 66
14' 9" 24'10" 24'7"

Why not enhance your Module Play structure with some soft play  
shapes, matts, a ballpool or toddler inflatable.

classic soft play

floor pads


bouncy castles

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