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Playtec infant to pre-school designs feature fun gross-motor skill elements which engage children in interactive play and can include mini soft contained play structures, ball pools, slides, bouncy castles and an infinite variety of soft play in all shapes and sizes. If you are planning a indoor play centre, we recommend that play areas are designed to adapt to the needs of children at different developmental levels. Ask a Playtec consultant to recommend the best products to safely target the age group of the children which you are trying to attract.

For more challenging play ideas better suited to children five years and over click on

Playtec classic indoor play


Playtec designs four distinct areas of infant to preschool play.
Click on the areas below which interest you the most.

Soft Play Truly soft play environments featuring combinations of ball pools and foam shapes providing endless entertainment for infants and toddlers.

Gadget Panels Free standing or wall mounted, interactive play devices.

Module Play A range of standard small soft contained play structures with the flexibility to design your own play area. Module play is the most affordable toddler to pre-school play structure solution for any business.

Pre-School Bounce A tried and proven selection of bouncy castles and slides for children of pre-school age.

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