Do you need assistance in putting together a financial analysis for your business plan? Playtec can help!

The corner stone of your business plan will be a financial plan which estimates revenue and expenditure in the form of a budget and cash flow analysis.

When you have decided on the general location (e.g. suburb or region), we encourage you to engage an accountant to do a thorough financial analysis taking into account the regions demographic profile. If your accountant has little or no experience with the revenue and cost peculiarities of setting up a family entertainment centre, then Playtec can help.

For a modest fee of Aust. $660, Playtec will prepare a financial analysis for you.

Our report will provide you with:

Demographic profile.

Three revenue scenarios.


Finance schedule.

Cash flow in the 1st year by month.

Cash flow for the first 3 years of operation.

A Playtec financial analysis will help you:

Seek business finance. Your financial provider will be unwilling to commit any funds to the new venture unless you have a realistic financial analysis.

Quantify the market potential for your business.

Determine how much you will need to spend.

Help you decide whether the business is going to be viable.

Of course our financial analysis is only an estimate and there are no guarantees, however it is based on our experience and not guesswork and as such will be an invaluable part of your business planning activity saving you time and money!

Contact a Playtec sales consultant today to discuss your needs!

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