The following illustrations represent Playtec's standard range of events suitable for indoor play structures. If you have something in particular in mind that is not illustrated here, just let us know. We will be happy to discuss how it can be safely incorporated into your design.

Hump Slide

Elbow Slide

270 Spiral Slide

540 Spiral Slide

Astro Slide

Open Slide

Zig Zag Fireman's

Triangle Fireman's

Fireman's Climb

Cargo Climb

Triangle Climb

Half Platform Climb

Giant Cushion

Small Cushion

Ribbed U Climb

Large Ribbed Climb

Log Climb

Cargo Zig Zag

Sphere Climb

Cargo Zig Zag Large

Ribbed Zig Zag

Rocket Up-Climb

Tube Up-Climb

Cargo Outlook


Space Ant


Rocket Tank

Giant Sphere

Straight Tube

Cubby Seats

Cubby House

Mouth Entry Panel

Peep Hole Panel

Kiddie Squeeze



90 Crawl Tube


Rocket Tube

Palm Tree

Ballpool Step Entry

Mirror Maze

Half Round Bridge

Balance Beam

Block Buster

Talk Tube

Stepping Stones

Hump Bridge

Sub Bridge

Pothole Run

Space Capsule Sphere

Flight Deck

3 Way Spinner

Spinning Post

Vertical Mangle

Horizontal Mangle

Hanging Noodles

Punching Bags

Leap Frog

Tank Ballpool

Space Rocket Bouncer

Bouncy Sphere

Gyro Sphere

Basket Ball Hoop

Boulder Dash


Bouncy Web Crawl

Bouncy Crawl Tube

Bouncy Cube

Bouncy 2 Way Sphere

Tipper Crawl Tube

Cargo Rope Bridge

Cavern Crawl

Flying Fox

Up and over climb

Burmese Bridge

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