Redesign Service

Did you know that if you are intending to purchase an existing Playtec play structure second hand and relocate it to another site, that Playtec can redesign the play equipment to suit the new site as if it were new. The new design will take into account the new buildings size, ceiling height, exits and of course, all the necessary safety and supervision requirements.

A redesign will allow you to refurbish the play equipment, perhaps adding in new events and repairing others; most importantly it will help ensure the equipment looks fresh and new and not “second hand”.

Installation Service

Playtec installers are experienced in every aspect of our equipment. Whether it’s replacement parts or brand new equipment they will ensure installation is done correctly, and that it conforms to all necessary safety standards.

A professional redesign and installation by Playtec will ensure:

  • The play equipment meets Australian Standards
  • The equipment fits into your new site and looks better.
  • Your public liability insurance is not put in jeopardy
  • There is minimal risk of injury occurring from an oversight in the installation
  • Councils are assured of the safety of the play equipment prior to providing development approval
  • Your peace of mind!

If you are considering used equipment, contact a Playtec sales consultant for a no obligation appraisal and estimate of costs.

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