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There are few play events that can enhance the impact and appeal of your Children's Entertainment Centre like a Playtec Astro Slide. The Astro Slide or the faster Super Slide provide a spectacular anchor event that will enhance the attractiveness of your centre and broaden its child age appeal.

Visually Stunning
The Astro Slide is available in optional one, two or three lanes wide and when incorporated within a Playtec Classic structure can be a spectacular nine metres high! Furthermore, Playtec offer a wide selection of plastic colours to choose from enabling us to create a truly 'Spectacular Slide' for your soft play structure.

Two Lane Astro

Three Lane Astro

Super Slide

The Highest levels of Safety
The Playtec Astro Slides uses an advanced moulded plastic construction that is safer than comparable fibreglass alternatives. It is safer because unlike fibreglass slides that cause nasty friction burns when not polished daily or used with sacks for the children to ride on, the Astro Slide requires no sacks and infrequent polishing. Furthermore, the Astro Slide is made from rotationally moulded plastic reliably used in spiral slides and tubes for almost 15 years without incident - unlike fibreglass it never cracks, splinters or wears through the surface to expose dangerous fibres.

The superior quality of the Playtec Astro Slide eliminates several foreseeable safety issues that might have otherwise arisen in the future. This offers our clients added protection from potential liability claims. We are so confident of our Astro Slide that we offer at no cost to our clients, an engineers report attesting to the mechanical construction and assembly method; no other supplier offers this guarantee!

If you are planning a large Children's Entertainment Centre with a 'spectacular' edge - look no further than the Playtec Astro Slide 'The biggest slide in Australia'.

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